Joining efforts to help those in Venezuela who are most in need!



CryptoWild Foundation is an organization made to help the people in Venezuela who are struggling greatly to cover their basic expenses such as food, medicine, and clothing due to the current economic and social crisis.

A big part of the Venezuelan population can’t obtain enough food to sustain them, and a large number of our people are starving. The children have no toys, clothes, or medicine, and having an proper education has become just a dream for most Venezuelans.

We are managing to help Venezuelans with the charitable donations of good hearted people who are aware of the suffering here and want to help. These donations are being made in cryptocurrencies, as donations made in traditional USD or EUROS through the Venezuelan banking system will simply be confiscated by government actors. Cryptocurrencies allow us to bypass these unethical barriers as they are borderless, and governments are powerless to block or seize them. No economic blockades can hamper the transfer of cryptocurrencies and therefore these assets are the ideal currencies to make our humanitarian efforts possible. The result is that Venezuelans are being helped, and thanks to its global reach and decentralization, cryptocurrencies are making life better right now for Venezuelans despite the agendas of governments to the contrary.


Cryptowild Foundation operates on on the principle that those most in need should receive assistance first. After the most needy are helped, we then focus on the next less needy segment, and move on down the scale from there. We have people in public hospitals recording data on those unlucky enough to need medical care and medicine and without the means to afford them. The number of children and elderly people who desperately need expensive treatments and medicine continues what has become a very sad history for many here in Venezuela.

We are determined to help them

In Venezuela, the percentage of the population living in poverty is outrageous. Almost 90% of our countrymen are unable to feed themselves or their families properly, regardless of the fact that many of them are working from dawn to nighttime. The wildly inflated Venezuelan money they earn cannot buy enough food for their families and this is the main reason that we, with the help of some good-hearted people in the cryptocurrency community, brought this whole foundation idea to be.

We collect the cryptofunds of these kind people worldwide who empathize with our cause. We use these funds to buy food, medicines, toys, clothes, shoes, etc. Whenever possible, we work with merchants who will accept payment in cryptcurrencies, and when needed, we use a worldwide peer-to-peer crypto system to convert to fiat currencies. When we have the purchased goods in our warehouse, we begin to donate. We have a delivery route that takes the trucks we rent through the most needy communities first, and we work our way outward from there. If we know where there is a need, we are going to use whatever we have to meet it.

Our personnel inside public hospitals are always checking and keeping a list those who are most in need our help. We always try to provide some medicine in order to help them following their treatment. Most elderly poor people suffering from hypertension and diabetes can’t afford the necessary medicines so whatever we can provide to them is always greatly needed and appreciated. Antibiotics are almost impossible to find in Venezuela and it’s even harder to pay for them if you’re lucky enough to stumble across some. As children often need them, we do our best to obtain and provide them whenever possible.

Cloth, shoes and toy donations are being provided in the same way. We ocus first on food and medicine donations (we want them eating well first) and then a day or two later, we distribute the clothes and toys.

Cryptowild Foundation is developing an education plan, as well. In Venezuela, the level of education is getting worse year after year. Our students don’t have computers to work with, and most of them have no knowledge of other languages like English. Basic sciences are not being taught by teachers as they used to be, and instruction in personal finances is non-existent.

In other words, our youth are not being prepared to step forward into their adult lives with the knowledge and skills they need. We can blame the crisis and lots of other things but we want to change that reality and the only way is by doing something that yields tangible results.


Cryptocoin community Bitcoin Interest (BCI) donated enough Bitcoin (BTC) to get 5000kg of chicken and 7500kg mix of rice and corn flour, thats 1kg of chicken and 1.5kg of rice and flour to everyone here in Chichiriviche. We called this #FoodNotLambos.


Julian Alvarez

System programer

Manager of Cryptowild Foundation

Surviving from crypto since December 2016

Domingo Alvarez

Business management studies

Crypto enthusiast




Here we reviewed every donation day we have. We post an article explaining what we did, how many people we helped this time, what amount of money we received and donated. We post pictures and videos everytime.